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Longer Visits With Your Physician

Longer Visits With Your Physician

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Preventative Care

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Microvascular Testing

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Chronic Disease Management

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Next Level Care CT is a concierge health care service provider bringing experienced clinical support ranging from routine to complex conditions. Our focus is to personalize your experience by making doctors more accessible, helping people heal faster with advanced diagnostics and treatments. Healthcare is evolving to make plans and services easier and more affordable for patients to obtain, and the next step is Next Level Care CT.

Next Level Care CT is a private-pay healthcare system. Patients pay a direct fee to concierge doctors for their services rather than going through traditional health insurance. By paying your primary physician directly through a membership retainer, patients receive additional benefits that you wouldn’t get with traditional health insurance, including small blood vessel disease testing and brain screening for memory loss or anxiety.

Because our practice services fewer patients than typical medical practices, all patients receive added attention. This extra attention means that all the medical concerns you have can be discussed during your appointments without feeling rushed. This helps build trust and ensures that the care you receive will be tailored to fit your specific needs. Everyone on the Next Level Care CT team will help structure and plan your individual treatment options because there is no ‘one size fits all’ program when it comes to health. We’re here to find solutions that give individuals simple, accessible, and affordable healthcare.

The Next Level Difference

Next Level Care CT specializes in microvascular disease testing using sudmotor technology to examine your sweat glands, autonomic nervous system testing is used to analyze your functional age and ability to adapt to changes, cardiac impedance (think of it as a mapping) is used to monitor blood flow in the heart and throughout the body and ankle brachial index testing to monitor the blood flow in your feet. These tests can help diagnose diseases and symptoms such as…


Includes autoimmune diseases, neuropathy, long hauler COVID symptoms, etc…

Identify Pain

Identification of chronic pain causes and sources so you can be on a path for recovery.

Neuro Analysis

Identify causes related to dizziness and brain fog.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis are a few of the many issues associated with high blood pressure that we can diagnose and help treat with microvascular testing.

Additionally, coronary microvascular disease impacts the microscopic vessels that deliver blood to heart tissue. When these vital blood vessels are damaged, they can spasm, decreasing blood flow to your heart. Microvascular coronary disease causes lasting chest pain and can raise your heart attack risk. Next Level Care’s CT advanced screening process for stroke and cardiovascular disease is crucial for early detection that could save your life. By identifying this early, you can be treated in a more comprehensive way.

Next Level Care CT Blood Pressure Monitoring
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Working With Next Level Care CT

Next Level Care CT concierge healthcare was designed with you, the patient, in mind. Paying a membership fee directly to your primary physician grants you additional benefits you wouldn’t get through traditional primary care services.

Next Level Care CT Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Dr. Phil Mongelluzzo’s passion for helping people become the best and healthiest versions of themselves is the quintessential benefit of a Next Level Care CT membership. As are services for…

Next Level Care CT was created with YOU in mind!

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