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Welcome to Next Level Care CT

Next Level Care CT is a concierge healthcare service providing personalized, proactive, and comprehensive care to patients. With Next Level Care CT, patients pay a membership of $183.33 per month or $2,200 per year. We also offer Family Plan Memberships which allows our patients to add a spouse or partner for an additional $1,100 per year. Children aged 26 or younger would be covered as part of our Family Plan Membership. All members receive enhanced services, more personalized attention, and quick 24/7 access to your primary care physician. Specialized services available to members include:


Microvascular disease testing for patients dealing with heart-related issues


Neurobiofeedback for patients suffering from anxiety and depression


Brain mapping for patients who are showing signs or are at-risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer's

The goal of Next Level Care CT is to provide patients with high-quality, personalized medical care and to build trust between patients and their physician.

Next Level Care CT offers a wide range of services, including preventative care, chronic disease management, wellness services, and urgent care. We also specialize in microvascular disease testing using sudmotor technology to examine your sweat glands. Autonomic nervous system testing is used to analyze your functional age and ability to adapt to changes. Cardiac impedance (think of it as a mapping) is used to monitor blood flow in the heart and throughout the body and ankle brachial index testing to monitor the blood flow in your feet.

Longer Visits With Your Physician

Longer Visits With Your Physician

Next Level Care CT Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Next Level Care CT Preventative Care and Disease Management

Preventative Care & Disease Management

Our Philosophy

When you become a member at Next Level Care CT, you will receive increased access to your doctor compared to traditional healthcare services. That means no more long waits for appointments and around-the-clock availability, so you can get answers whenever you need them. With Next Level, you feel less pressure during appointments knowing that we serve fewer patients, so you can have more time with your doctor. This way, you can discuss all your medical issues in greater detail during your visits without feeling pushed out the door.

You also have the option of virtual correspondence. If you have a medical concern or question that can be addressed through a simple phone call, video call, or email, you can save time by contacting us online. No need to make an appointment for simpler concerns. We also offer in-home medical care, which is more convenient than driving to the doctor’s office. This way, you can receive medical care even if you are unable to travel.

With Next Level Care CT, your healthcare will be tailored to your unique needs. Our team will work together to create a personal comprehensive healthcare plan. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all healthcare program. That’s why at Next Level, we provide evolving, personalized care for better results.

Take Your Medical Care To The Next Level!

Dr Mongelluzzo is unique in his approach as a physician, he thinks outside the box. Not only is he very perceptive, he can zero in on possible causes with his attentiveness to your symptoms and concerns, thereby saving unnecessary diagnositcs and time, by getting right to the issue to be treated. He is easy to talk to, and has a great bedside manner. He is also interested in preventive care, which saves you from possible future disease and all the medicine and procedures that go with it.

Terri, patient

Dr Phil Mongelluzzo and staff were nothing less than EXCEPTIONAL! If your in need of a primary care physician, or simply not impressed with your current physicians attentiveness and bed side manner, use this review as the motivator to make a change.

Bob, patient

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Next Level Care CT?

Next Level Care CT is a concierge health care service provider bringing experienced clinical support ranging from routine to complex conditions. Our focus is to personalize your experience by making doctors more accessible, helping people heal faster with advanced diagnostics and treatments. Healthcare is evolving to make plans and services easier and more affordable for patients to obtain, and the next step is Next Level Care CT.

What is concierge healthcare?

Concierge healthcare is a membership-based healthcare program with an emphasis on personalized, accessible, and convenient care. Appointments are readily available in the office, by phone, by video call, or by house call. We accept a limited number of patients so each physician can spend adequate time with each patient’s appointment.

Does concierge care work with my current health insurance?

Yes, while Next Level Care CT is not part of a health insurance plan, HSA, or Medicare, your current health insurance can help pay the costs of prescriptions and medications, specialized testing, and referrals to other specialized medical practitioners.

How much does Next Level Care cost?

A membership for Next Level Care CT costs $2,200 annually or $183.33 per month.

Family Plan Memberships allow patients to add a spouse or partner for an additional $1,100 per year. Children aged 26 or younger would be covered as part of our Family Plan Membership.

What is microvascular testing?

Microvascular testing is a non-invasive technique that can be used to evaluate blood flow and vessel structure in small blood vessels.

Why is microvascular testing important?

Testing is often used to diagnose and monitor conditions, assess the risk of complications, and evaluate the effectiveness of treatments. It can also be used to assess the microvasculature in healthy individuals to establish a baseline and detect changes over time. Microvascular testing is an essential tool for maintaining vascular health and preventing or managing microvascular complications.

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