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If you’re ready to take your healthcare to the next level with Next Level Care CT, we invite you to contact us today to learn more.

What is Next Level Care CT?

Next Level Care CT is a concierge health care service provider bringing experienced clinical support ranging from routine to complex conditions. Our focus is to personalize your experience by making doctors more accessible, helping people heal faster with advanced diagnostics and treatments. Healthcare is evolving to make plans and services easier and more affordable for patients to obtain, and the next step is Next Level Care CT.

What is concierge healthcare?

Concierge healthcare is a membership-based healthcare program with an emphasis on personalized, accessible, and convenient care. Appointments are readily available in the office, by phone, by video call, or by house call. We accept a limited number of patients so each physician can spend adequate time with each patient’s appointment.

Does concierge care work with my current health insurance?

Yes, while Next Level Care CT is not part of a health insurance plan, HSA, or Medicare, your current health insurance can help pay the costs of prescriptions and medications, specialized testing, and referrals to other specialized medical practitioners.

How much does Next Level Care CT cost?

A membership for Next Level Care CT costs $2,200 annually or $183.33 per month.

Family Plan Memberships allow patients to add a spouse or partner for an additional $1,100 per year. Children aged 26 or younger would be covered as part of our Family Plan Membership.

What is microvascular testing?

Microvascular testing is a non-invasive technique that can be used to evaluate blood flow and vessel structure in small blood vessels.

Why is microvascular testing important?

Testing is often used to diagnose and monitor conditions, assess the risk of complications, and evaluate the effectiveness of treatments. It can also be used to assess the microvasculature in healthy individuals to establish a baseline and detect changes over time. Microvascular testing is an essential tool for maintaining vascular health and preventing or managing microvascular complications.

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